Prefabricated Houses Construction Company

Thermoteq Ltd is a Prefabricated Houses Construction Company that builds low-cost prefabricated houses tailored for quick, efficient and esthetically beautiful buildings. We construct buildings that are energy efficient, supplied in a kit form, and quality structures. Our structures are ideal for prefab mining camps, schools, clinics, offices, accommodation units, and the low-cost housing sector. Our building structures are pre-manufactured at our factory in Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya. We guarantee quality building for any of your requirements as one of the top prefab houses manufacturers in Kenya and across East Africa.

Our modular prefabricated buildings come with efficient ergonomic design and fast installation. EPS panels are used as a substitute to traditional materials used in building prefabricated houses, erecting walls, stairwells, floors and roofs. This is done to reduce construction periods as well as making the project cost efficiency and functionally sound.

Prefabricated Houses Construction Company

Advantages of Prefab Houses

  • Reduced construction time: Time taken to construct a prefab is much less compared to the standard housing
  • Design Flexibility: modern prefab houses can be remade into something else and most are mobile for example prefab container offices
  • Low Construction Cost: We build low-cost prefabricated houses using EPS 3D panels and sandwich panels that are cheaper than the standard building materials
  • High Quality: We maintain our core value by building the best houses in Kenya
  • Environmental Friendly: Prefab houses require fewer materials to construct. If the house is dismantled, they can be used to make another house. This means minimal wastage.

Get your project done by Thermoteq Ltd, a leading prefabricated houses construction company.